You are currently viewing With the “Circular Economy Week 2023” project, COD Jajce will provide the first waste sorting bins in Jajce

With the “Circular Economy Week 2023” project, COD Jajce will provide the first waste sorting bins in Jajce

The Center for Education and Socialization (COD Jajce) will once again implement the “Circular Economy Week” project this year, which should point out the importance of recycling raw materials, its reuse for the purpose of saving and preserving nature and its resources.

Last year, in cooperation with primary schools in Jajce, we held excellent workshops related to the importance of sorting and recycling waste with an emphasis on plastic and paper.

This year we will also deal with the importance of sorting and recycling waste, this time with an emphasis on textiles and the importance of their recycling and reuse.

For this purpose, in cooperation with the KUD Jajce organization, we will hold educational and creative workshops for children, where young people will learn the importance of textile recycling, and with the help of moderators and experts, they themselves will undergo training in tailoring and sewing on sewing machines, and give discarded and old things a new purpose. and make entirely new usable things.

Also, with the help of JKP Čistoća i zelenilo (PUK Cleanliness and Greenery), we will acquire several containers for separating waste, which will be placed in the settlements. It is very important to note that this is a “pioneering project” and this will be the first time that Jajce has waste separation containers, which should encourage citizens to adopt new habits (waste separation). This part of our project is very important, considering that JKP Čistoća i zelenilo Jajce plans to soon launch a waste separation center in Kruščica near Jajce.

Considering these facts, it will be our honor to be the first initiators of positive eco habits and changes in the city of Jajce.

The “Circular Economy Days”/CEW project will be supported by the organizations Balkan Forum and Heinrich Boll Stiftung.