After thirteen years of work of the magazine Senzor, the project of COD Jajce, which for many years now reported on all the important events of Jajce, Bugojno, Donji Vakuf, Travnik, Mrkonjić Grad and Dobretić, and distributed in them, from the end of 2017 continued as Jajce Press portal.

The portal conveys significant news of Jajce, the entire BiH, the region and the world. Through journalistic workshops, the editorial staff of the Jajce Press gives young people the opportunity to learn, prove and advance in the field of journalism through journalistic workshops. Our project has made an invaluable contribution to the democratization of our local community and society as a whole.

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Local informative newspaper “SENZOR” is a project initiated by COD Jajce in 2005 as part of the previous organization “Youth Center – Jajce”. The young enthusiast team launched a project aimed at improving civic awareness and offering a “communicative bridge” for citizens of the municipality and local institutions that need to be civil service. The Sensor project was generously supported by the Swiss organization “GGS” (Gemeinde Gemeinsam Schweiz), then by the Swiss Helsinki Committee (SHV), and in the meantime, Sensor had very good support from local businessmen, which enabled the work of the magazine.

The sensors gave the local population the opportunity to find out how and in what way they can influence the development of the local community by institutions, companies and organizations in charge of it. At the same time, by constructing a system of two-way flow of information, the competent local institutions, institutions or organizations received quality information on the needs of the local population.

Through its content and writing (in B-H-S languages), SENZOR became a “bridge” that enhanced inter-ethnic understanding and co-existence and ensured the flow of information in all directions relevant to this city and region. In addition, as well as with the nationally mixed structure of the editorial office, we have become an example of enriching our diversity and not distancing one from the other.

On this occasion, we would like to thank the people who made a great contribution to the realization of this project:

Josipa Crnoja, Amra Agić, Marianne Von Gruninngen, Tatjana Jakovljević, Amela Halaba, Vesna Pastuhović, Ana Soloninko, Marta Styszen, Armin Čehić, Mujo Hodžić, Hidajet Zjajo, Sakib Kliko,  Mustafa Hamur, Meri Zlatović, i mnogi drugi dopisnici, saradnici, novinari.