“COD” Jajce has been offering foreign language learning opportunities for several years. German and English courses are always offered, which are extremely demanding and well-attended. Foreign language courses are often moderated by international and local volunteers who want to transfer their knowledge to others.

Up until now, the Center for Education and Social Services has offered courses: English, German, Spanish, French and Italian, depending on demand, courses and other foreign languages ​​are organized. The courses have two grades and at the end of each course after the final examination the participants receive a certificate of completed course.

Courses last for three months and are held twice a week for an hour. Material and work program is provided by COD.

Courses with the initial degree include the basics of one language:

grammatical rules,
writing and reading exercises.
In the advanced course you will learn and practice active speech and understanding and comprehension: exercises of dialogue, understanding and writing, advanced grammar rules etc. Through the involvement of international volunteers as a moderator of the program the participants have the opportunity to learn the language with the people that the mother tongue is doing, learning a foreign language much faster and better.

You want to learn a foreign language and attend a course, contact us at 030 337 828 or write us in the inbox facebook page of Cod Jajce