Visit Jajce

The “Visit Jajce”  project by Center for Education and Gathering  aims to support the social development of Jajce’s young people as well as improvment of  their work skills and abilities. Given that Jajce in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region is known for its rich cultural and historical heritage and natural beauties, the number of tourists is increasing every year. To the promotion of the city has certainly contributed  Jajce’s candidature for joining the UNESCO World Heritage List (2006-2009).

The COD tourism project aims to redeem  the negative trend of emigration of the local population of Jajce, enabling young people to get the opportunity for a business engagement in the tourism sector through the project with the tendency of learning and professional development.

For the purpose of realizing the “Visit Jajce” project, COD Jajce has set the following goals:

– Improving knowledge and skills of young people in Jajce;

– improving the living and social conditions of the young people;

– an improved level of employment of young people up to 30 years;

– improving Jajce tourist capacities.


The target group of the project are young people up to 30 years of age who want to be involved in providing tourism services.

Within the project, we organize several different types of activities:

-training for tourist guides (guides for cultural and historical heritage of Jajce);

foreign language courses for tourist guides;

-forming tourist information points (coordination and promotion of local tourist services);

– training for making souvenirs (teaching local people how to make souvenirs and market their products);

-design and development of tourist promotional material Jajca;

-forming a local receptive tourist offer and its promotion.


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