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With a little good will, Jajce’s youth can do better!

COD Jajce is launching a youth empowerment project to strengthen social cohesion and trust

The Center for Education and Socialization (COD) Jajce is delighted to announce the start of its new project “Youth Empowerment to Strengthen Social Cohesion and Build Trust”. Designed to unite young individuals from urban and rural areas of Jajce, this project seeks to empower participants through a series of educational and creative workshops and activities lasting six months.

Under the guidance of dedicated young mentors, participants will embark on a “transformative journey”, improving their skills, knowledge and abilities. This initiative aims to equip them to become catalysts for positive change in our community.

COD Jajce encourages everyone to follow our activities through this interesting project. We invite all individuals and organizations who share our vision of a stronger, more cohesive community to join us in this mission.

Our activities are supported through the project “Strengthening trust and cohesion in communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina” financed by the Service for Foreign Policy Instruments (#FPI) of the European Union within the Instrument for Neighbourhood, Development and International Cooperation (#NDICI), and jointly implemented @, @UnitedNationsBiH, @oscebih and @coe.sarajevo #MožemoBolje @bihmozebolje