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Visiting the related and friendly organization “Svitac” Brčko

In order to cooperate and strengthen the relations between the two related organizations, the team of the Center for Education and Gathering visited the Youth Organization SVITAC in Brcko, which brings together children and youth regardless of nationality and religion. Considering that they are located in the Brčko District, which should have been a model for BiH to function by, this organization has the opportunity to do the most beautiful things with young people and literally live in BiH the way many only dream of.

Through music, art and creativity, they work and pass on knowledge to many generations, and since they have been active since 1997, we believe that many can proudly say that this organization has ‘paved’ their path of knowledge, development and career.

Precisely because COD itself works and operates in the same fields and has many generations behind it who can thank it for the experience, knowledge, socializing and useful and unforgettable travels, we experience the “Svitac” organization as our true friend.

We do not give up on young people and especially in these confusing times we will work better, more dedicated and stronger.