You are currently viewing The presentation of the results of the research “Youth (de)population map of Jajce 2022” was held

The presentation of the results of the research “Youth (de)population map of Jajce 2022” was held

In the foyer of the House of Culture on Thursday, July 14, 2022, the Center for Education and Socialization held a presentation of research results on the topic “(De)population of young eggs in 2022”. Speaking about this current topic, the problem of which we witness every day, on this occasion, the analysis of the collected data, which was worked on by the demographer prof. Mirza Emirhafizović and Samir Beharić, M.Sc., who deals with the topic of “brain drain” and its impact on the future of Bosnia and Herzegovina, gave his expert review of the issue.

On this occasion, the facts were presented that the municipality of Jajce, like all other municipalities in the area of the Central Bosnian Canton, faces the problem of depopulation caused by the preponderance of negative over positive components of the overall population movement.

In the conversation with the young people of Jajce, we received various information about the reasons for leaving the city and portages for new prospects outside the borders of BiH, among which were the impossibility of employment in the profession, the amount of income that is not sufficient for separation from the parental home and starting a family, the unstable political situation and insecurity due to tensions ruling parties and frequent mention of the war and the division of Bosnia and Herzegovina are just some of the reasons why young people leave.

In a conversation with those present, among whom was the mayor of Jajce municipality Edin Hozan, the facts were presented that the municipality of Jajce has already taken a number of steps towards the youth of Jajce in the form of scholarships, subsidizing the first housing, starting an office for relations with the diaspora, supporting young startups, etc. however, we still need to work on new and better measures that will enable a better climate for living and starting families if we want to prevent an even greater number of young families leaving.

The document of the analysis of the demographic picture of the municipality of Jajce is currently being supplemented by the proposals of the respondents and the present participants of the presentation, and you will soon have the opportunity to read it on our website.

Support for the implementation of the project was provided by the German organization Heinrich Boll Stiftung – office in Sarajevo.

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