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The business center initiated the establishment of the Association of Entrepreneurs of the Municipality of Jajce

As part of its activities, the Business Center initiated a meeting of entrepreneurs from the city of Jajce with the aim of establishing an Association of Entrepreneurs at the local level and the importance of forming such an association. The meeting was held in the Great Hall of the Municipality of Jajce, where about thirty businesswomen of the city gathered. The meeting was also attended by Dženisa Delalić, project manager of the Association of Business Women of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Ivana Frančić Šarlija, a member of the Novi Travnik Club of Entrepreneurs and Head of Finance at UTD Best d.o.o.

On this occasion, female entrepreneurs from Jajce shared their long-term experience about the work and the importance of the existence of associations at the local level, and talked about the activities that female entrepreneurs in a city can undertake in order to help and strengthen not only themselves and each other, but also bring a great benefit to their social community. .
There are many questions and problems they face, and they can seek and obtain answers and solutions through cooperation and support, networking and joining forces, and in this way create a more positive impact on their community and environment.
The establishment of an association of women entrepreneurs at the local level is intended for entrepreneurs in the municipality of Jajce with the aim of networking, representing and promoting the interests of entrepreneurs at the local and cantonal level, determining priorities and legal form, and connecting with the authorities at the local and cantonal level who are responsible for the development of entrepreneurship.

The founding of the United Women Entrepreneur is part of the activities of the BiHUB project, which COD Jajce implements through the Business Center in cooperation with partners PiNA from Slovenia, CEM Travnik, and Linnovate Business Park with the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia from the International Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid Program of Slovenia.