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Kevin and Louisa – new COD volunteers

Hello, we are new COD volunteers, you may have already noticed or seen us around town. In case we haven’t had the chance to meet, we are Louisa and Kevin. We will use this opportunity to briefly introduce ourselves:

  • My name is Kevin Mino Valenti, I am 18 years old and I started my volunteering a little over a month ago and I will stay in Jajce for a year. I come from Germany, from the small town of Schorndorf, which is located near Stuttgart, where I finished primary and secondary school.

I decided to volunteer in Bosnia because part of my family is from Bosnia and I wanted to learn more about the country where my roots are, about traditions, customs and people. I wanted to be a part of this society and everyday life for at least a year. Jajce is really a beautiful city and I did not regret my decision. The people I meet here every day are always very kind and I can’t wait to experience this city through all the seasons. But now a little more about me:

● I am a big fan of basketball and football.

● I’m still learning your language, so I don’t understand everything yet, but I hope to soon

● I enjoy riding motorbikes

● I really like art, especially street art

● Also, I like to talk about politics and history in a satirical and humorous way

– My name is Louisa Schmalz and I am 19 years old. I come from Leipzig, one of the biggest cities in Germany. I have been in Jajce for a month and will spend the next year here.

After graduation, I decided to do a one-year volunteer service because I always liked the idea of ​​getting to know new cultures and customs, and gaining new experiences and perspectives. I hope that in a year I will look back and say that I had a lot of fun here and gained new skills and knowledge.

I chose Bosnia for my volunteer service because it was always an interesting country for me and I wanted to learn more about it and experience it. My first impression of Jajce is that it is a very beautiful and charming city, it is very different from the city I am from. I can say that I am really happy for the opportunity to work at COD and I look forward to the time to come. Now I’m going to tell you some fun facts about myself:

● I like late night talks, playing the piano, any kind of books and art in general

● I have a twin sister

● I used to be a vegan, but since coming here, I’ve given it up completely

● I usually wear different socks on my feet and have a small wooden owl that I always carry with me

● I am definitely a cat lover

We look forward to meeting you all. Feel free to come and talk, for now we can talk in German and English, but soon we will also talk in Bosnian.