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COD / Volunteer service is also possible during a pandemic

Although it was the time of the corona virus pandemic and many volunteer engagements had to be suspended, in September our organization managed to provide a young man from Bijeljina with a one-year volunteer service in the German city of Fürstenwald. The International Volunteer Service is an opportunity for young people to first of all get to know themselves, their possibilities and abilities, master a new foreign language, meet new friends, build new abilities and upgrade their knowledge.

Read the text below, which motivated young Dalibor to apply and dare to spend a year in Germany.

– My name is Dalibor Kraišniković, I am 23 years old and I come from Bijeljina. By profession, I have a degree in political science in the field of security and peace studies, and my work experience is mostly based on working with young and marginalized categories and journalism. My goal after college was to take one longer break from daily lectures, exams, learning and grades, so immediately after graduation I came to Germany, where I spent a year as an Au-Pair (child care). From the first months I knew that I wanted to extend my stay in a country that offers many life opportunities, which very often I could not find in my country.

I simply felt the need to stay longer, to further improve the German language, to get to know other areas of Germany, and thus customs that differ significantly from region to region, but also people, otherwise very open and cordial, always ready for cooperation and support.

Since I have already worked with children engaged as an Au Pair, my goal was to do another volunteer year and confirm that this industry is the one I want to follow, although based on my college degree and previous work experience, I was oriented in other fields.

While researching, I learned about the collaboration between COD and JuSeV and the project in Fürstenwalde, which I liked, and I was lucky enough to be selected and spend a year in a small town not far from Berlin.

My job is in primary school, where I help children with homework, hygiene and meal preparation, I organize creative workshops and sports activities and other interesting activities. Despite the current situation caused by the corona virus, I am still very satisfied with the project, ie my daily life, activities undertaken, available content, support and cooperation with sending and host organization, kind people I met and above all, my job position to which I gladly dedicate .