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COD team Jajce strengthened by a new intern from Germany

After we were the host organization for Maximilian, the first German practitioner after the turbulent pandemic season, in March, a new practitioner, Antonia Streckrodt, joined our team in July. Unlike Maximilian, she is lucky to meet Jajce in his most beautiful light. During the summer when Jajce is ‘bathed’ in the sun, and Vrbas and Pliva simply entice you to look for refreshment in them, Antonia has the opportunity to experience and get to know Jajce at its full capacity surrounded by wonderful cultural and historical monuments..

First of all, I would like to say how grateful I am to be here as the new trainee from COD Jajce. My name is Antonia Streckrodt. I’m from Germany and I studying educational science in Halle (Saale).

I’d like to introduce myself with the question: Why Jajce?

Not only will I soon be 25, but it has also been 25 years since the peace agreement in Bosnia has been signed. I grew up privileged during a time when children and young people here felt the hard life under bad social conditions. I was so impressed after I heard from the Friedenskreis Halle e.V. how young people in Jajce support the community and how two different ethnic groups live so close together as well as the focus on reconciliation and sustainable peace building in their community.

Essentially, I want to work with young people as key actors in a culture of dialogue and peace building. I think it is extremely important to initiate institutional spaces for action and safe spaces like COD Jajce and Friedenskreis e.V. , because the transformation of wars has increased significantly over the past years.

A major factor for an internship abroad was also the interest in political education work. By implementing and accompanying international projects, I would like to raise awareness of the importance of a trustful learning environment and working culture.

I hope I can be a support to the team. For my part, I have already gained a lot of wisdom, hospitality, and good sweets here.- Antonia introduced herself briefly.