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COD Jajce / It is not knowledge to know, but knowledge to give knowledge – Programming school with Said Salihefendić

The School of Programming is a new educational program that will bring together young people eager for computer knowledge and entry into the world of computer programs and their improvement. The job of a programmer today is one of the most sought after and well paid jobs you can do from any corner of the planet Earth, for clients who are miles away from you.

Said Salihefendić, a young engineer from Jajce, a software engineer who showed his love for informatics very early and today has become a true connoisseur, will share his programming knowledge with the candidates free of charge. One of the programs that Said has perfected is Point of Sale, which is used in cafes and restaurants and provides an easy and simple overview and insight into daily traffic.

The lectures of the programming school will go online in February ’21, and the program and work plan are as follows:

1. Introduction

                – General discussion on programming skills

                – Application of programming

                – Motivation for programming

                – Introduction to the command console

                – Python 3 presentation

                – Python 3 installation

                – “Hello, paradise” initial program

                – Conclusion

2. Data and expressions

                – Data types

                – Variables

                – Mathematical and logical operators

                – Mathematical and logical expressions

3. Control structures

                – Introduction to control structures

                – if control structures  

                – if… else control structure

                – if… elif..elif… else control structure

                – Introduction to loops

                – for loop structure

                – while loop structure

                – Application: Development of a basic calculator with additional functionalities

4. Functions

                – Introduction to functions

                – Definition of functions

                – def command

                – Function parameters

                – return command

                – Application: Development of the basic functionality of the game guessing numbers and calculating statistics

5. Objects and their application, Lists

                – Introduction to objects, Python’s model of the environment

                – Introduction to data collections

                – Introduction to the lists

                – List functionality

                – Work with lists

                – Application: Development of a table for high score who had the best statistics

6. Text files

                – Introduction to text files

                – Read text files

                – Print a text file

                – Application: Maintaining a high score in the computer’s file system

7. Dictionaries and conferences

                – Introduction to meetings

                – Working with gatherings

                – Introduction to dictionaries

                – Working with dictionaries

                – Application: Development of the basic functionality of the recipe suggestion program

8. Recursion

                – Introduction to recursion

                – Recursive thinking

                – Application: Development of the basic functionality of the family tree program

10. Basics of object-oriented programming

                – Introduction to object-oriented programming

                – Repetition of objects

                – Class

                – Member variables

                – Constructors

                – Member functions

                – Special functions in Python classes

                – Inheritance

                – Switch functions

                – Operator overlap

                – Polymorphism

                – Application: Development of a console game for chess

11. Example of a project

                – Development selection:

                – Web application in Flask technology with SQLite3 database which will be a recipe and ingredients program

                – Note: It is necessary to know the basics of HTML and CSS

                – Desktop application tkinter / turtle video game of chess pieces with user logic for tracking ELO points

                – API project of machine learning and analytics, research on house prices in California

12. Personal project

                – Possible projects:

                                – Game of Life (tkinter, work with CLI) (For Fun programming)

                                – Image processing (Pillow library, working with CLI) (Data Engineering)

                                – Minesweeper game (tkinter) (Video Game Development)

                                – FAQ chatbot web application (Software Engineering)

                                – Titanic Disaster Research (Data Science)

                                – Development of data structure Balanced Binary search tree (algorithms)