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Ciciban Playhouse / These small, curious kids are our future and deserve only the best

The Ciciban childrenworkshop within the Center for Education and Socializing (COD) has been operating since 2018 and is a place for socializing, playing and learning for kids from Jajce aged 2,5 to 6. Also, there are schoolchildren who have an extended stay in Ciciban where, with the help of workshop nany , they solve their school assignments, play and learn some new things and skills that COD’s children workshop has to offer through play.

The working hours of the playroom are from 07.00 to 15.00, during which the children are provided with breakfast and lunch.

The uniqueness of Ciciban is reflected in the wide range of activities that are organized for children. Thus, in addition to motor, educational and didactic exercises and games with the nanys, children have classes in gymnastics, karate, dance, English and German with COD volunteers who offer children new knowledge and skills through play and fun.

-Children are like little sponges, they quickly absorb new words when it comes to learning a foreign language, – said the nany of the Ciciban, Dženeta Huskić.

-Through songs and demonstration exercises, our volunteers from Germany Sophie and Leonie teach children English and German without the children feeling the pressure of learning because everything is basically one big game. Sophie also prepares karate and gymnastics classes for children, all in accordance with their age and ability to concentrate. Gymnastics is very important for the proper development of children, so in Ciciban we regularly get active and learn the right life habits, which is especially important for new generations who unfortunately spend most of their time with Internet content – said Dženeta.

A group of children of different ages stay together in Ciciban and in this way, the younger group learns from the older ones, while the older group develops a sense of help and support for the younger ones.

With the support of nanys, children are part of various activities of educational, fun, creative and research content. Through such a program, children mostly participate in the production of appropriate items from natural materials, cardboard, boxes, wool, wooden sticks, cardboard plates and similar materials.

-Our goal is that children learn independently through play with a little help from educators. These are small curious and playful beings who have no prejudices, are open to adopting new skills, helping and supporting each other, and learning fundamental human values. They are our future and deserve only the best. – said the head of the playroom, Dženeta.