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Certificates awarded to German language course participants

After three months of the online German language course for adults level A1, a certificate was awarded today at the COD premises. On this occasion, Dženeta Pejković, the moderator of the course, presented the certificates to Anka Petrović and Aldijana Ejup, emphasizing that she is extremely satisfied with the past course and the knowledge that the participants have adopted.

After completing the course, participants can very well understand and apply familiar, everyday expressions and simple sentences, which aim to meet specific needs (e.g. information about a person, family, shopping, work, immediate environment). They can introduce themselves and others, and ask other people questions about them.

In the following days, Anka and Aldijana also have the opportunity to apply their knowledge and improve it in the so-called “chat room” that COD will organize for them with a new intern Maximilian from Germany who will practice at COD for the next three weeks.