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On the occasion of “Circular Economy Week”, COD Jajce organized a round table and recycling workshops for children

For the second year in a row, the Center for Education and Socialization (COD Jajce) is organizing the project “Circular Economy Week”. In working with the local community and young people, we want to point out the importance of environmental protection, economical consumption of natural resources, recycling of raw materials and their reuse.

As part of the project, a round table was held yesterday in the Small Hall of the Municipality of Jajce on the topic: Potentials and posibilties of waste material for improvement of local economy growth. In addition to the event organizer COD Jajce, the round table was attended by representatives of: Aluminika, ThermoFlux, JKP Cleanliness and Greenery, Eco Movement, Ministry of the Environment SBK/KSB, Primary School Berta Kučera, in front of Startup Almira Iskrić Hadžić, representatives of the Municipality and KUD Jajce who, in addition to their has been engaged in textile recycling as part of its regular activities for many years. The round table was facilitated by Amila Hadžić, head of the local development unit of the Municipality of Jajce.

After a very interesting presentation on the topic, in a constructive conversation, the attendees spoke openly about the problems they face when it comes to fulfilling the rules of work and management of waste materials, especially if we look back at the fact that Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the signatories of the “Green Agenda”. from 2020 – new European strategies for the development of the region and one of the conditions for joining the EU.

Positive examples from their companies were brought by the representatives of ThermoFlux, who in production focus on quality materials and services that extend the life of the product, and Aluminika, who maximally recycle all waste materials and return them to use again. Also, both companies have all the environmental permits that give them the epithet of Eco friendly companies.

When we talk about the problem of waste and its disposal, as well as possible recycling, on this occasion we received information from PUK Čistoće i zelenilo that a waste separation plant will be put into operation soon, which will somewhat reduce the long-standing problem of the landfill in Kruščica.

To make this news even better, COD Jajce, as part of the Circular Economy project, will provide the first two “green islands” for the city of Jajce, where citizens will have the opportunity to separate waste into separate bins, thereby helping the waste sorting plant in Kruščica.

Recycling workshops with children

After the round table, the first in a series of workshops with children was held today in the premises of KUD Jajce, where the little ones gave old materials a new purpose, sewed purses, wallets, and weaved with their own hands, and obtained completely new items from old threads and wool. With patience and skill, moderator Marina Hadžiavdić devoted herself to the little ones and taught them the basics of sewing and the possibilities of transforming materials, and the children’s smiles, after they sat down to make new items, spoke for themselves.

The circular economy days in Jajce will last until May 29, when the students of the 13.rujan and Berta Kučera elementary schools will go through the recycling workshops.