The dance section as a program in COD exists since its foundation. This program is an ideal offer for girls and girls of Jajce. In our program we learn and practice the so-called. “Street dance”, we adjust the rhythmic movements of several people, develop a sense of body coordination in children, and allow the socialization of girls and boys within a group of peers.

As part of the dance section, depending on the number of participants, we also organize more sub-groups of custom age.

The program is for students and between 5 and 16 years of age. With its choreographies, the dance group greatly contributes to the quality of entertainment programs as part of the event’s and event’s events in the city. The moderator is a young person who was a member of the junior group of our program. The dance section is held twice a week and lasts for one hour.

Want to become a member of a dance group, please contact us!