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Coming Soon / Cinema in COD

We are soon approaching the summer holidays and it is time for a slightly more relaxed rhythm, so the Jajce Center for Education and Socializing for Children and Youth will soon organize a cinema with snacks and refreshments.

There are two films on offer. Vote for a movie you would like to watch on our facebook post or write to us in your inbox profile.

You are all welcome. More information coming soon 🙂

FILM 1: Soul – trailer in croatian – trailer in English

Movie content:

At the heart of the story is Joe, an elementary school music teacher who dreams of becoming a jazz musician. On the eve of a big performance that could bring him the desired career, Joe experiences an accident that causes his soul to separate from his body. Joe’s soul wants and needs to return to his life, and the mysterious character “22” will help him along the way.

Forced to persuade soul number 22 to agree to life on Earth, Joe is actually forced to discover why it’s worth living his life at all.

“The world can be an exhausting and frustrating place – but it is also full of unexpected joys even in these seemingly everyday things. Cartoon Soul deals with an issue that interests us all, explores what is important in our lives. I hope that this cartoon will bring the humor and fun that we really need in these times, ”said Pete Docter.

FILM 2: Inside out

From Pixar’s studio comes a fantastic story about the emotions of the famous Oscar winner Pete Docter.

Inverted Reverse is an animated film that takes us to the most unusual places within the mind you can imagine. Everyone knows that growing up is a difficult journey, including Rajka, a girl who moved with her family to San Francisco, where her father started a new business. Like all of us, Rajka is driven by her emotions, which are Happiness, Fear, Sadness, Anger and Disgust. Rajka’s emotions live in the headquarters, the control center of her mind, from where she is advised on a daily basis. Although Rajka and her emotions are trying to keep things positive, balancing a new city, school and home is not easy.

Peek into the most unusual places within the mind and discover what it looks like when Happiness, Fear, Sadness, Anger and Disgust meet. – trailer in croatian – trailer in English