Children’s playroom /kindergarten “CICIBAN” at the Center for Education and Gatehring

Given that the town of Jajce has been having a problem with the stay of childless and pre-school age for a long time because the capacities of the kindergarten are not enough, Center for Education and Gathering has decided to start a children’s playroom called “CICIBAN” in early November 2018 to help and make it more easy for the parents of Jajce.

The kindergarten gathers children from 3 to 6 years, with a working time from 6:30 to 16 PM. The children are provided with a morning meal, an interesting, active and educational program, they also learn foreign languages and occasionaly have excursions to the nature.

The kindergarten is led by professional staff who are fully dedicated to each and every child, they follow their work and progress by keeping daily notes and a work diary.

Ciciban Playroom also organizes children’s birthday parties, more information on 063 473 107.