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BiHUB/Held two-day camp for female entrepreneurs

As part of the BiHUB project, a two-day camp for women entrepreneurs was held at the beautiful swimming lakes in Jajce. The camp gathered 25 exceptional women participants from different cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who were interested in developing their own business ideas and networking with other women in entrepreneurship.

The entrepreneurs brought with them valuable knowledge and experience from various fields. During the camp, they had the opportunity to:

-make new business acquaintances and connect with other entrepreneurs, exchange good practices, valuable experiences and advice,
-to develop the skills of teamwork and creative thinking in overcoming challenges,
-to think about building personal resilience and preserving one’s own well-being – key to success in the business world,
-learn more about the diversity of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and the development of relationships and communication within it, about acquiring customers and clients and strategic marketing,
-identify the most common challenges faced by women in entrepreneurship and the best ways to overcome them.

The project was created by the PiNA Cultural Education Society, the Center for Youth Education – CEM, the Center for Education and Socialization Jajce – COD, Linnovate and Katapult.

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