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We present you our two new volunteers from Germany

This fall, in support of our work from Germany, we received two nice girls from Germany who will be with us for a whole year. You may have already seen and met them, but if you haven’t, they introduced themselves in an interesting way and wrote a few facts about themselves… ..well, meet Sophie and Leonie.

Servus, 👋🏼

we are Leonie and Sophie from Germany 🇩🇪.

We are the new volunteers at COD and we will spent one year in Jajce.

Here are 5 fun facts about each of us so you get to know us a bit better.

• Leonie •

1. I just turned 18 last week.🔞

2. In Germany I played the piano, volleyball and was one of the leaders of a child group.

3. I like board games, walks in the nature and books.

4. Before I knew that I will go to BiH, I didn’t like coffee. Then I started to trink it to get used to it and now I fortunately like it. ☕

5. for Years I wore different socks on the left and right foot because I once could not find the right pair and then a chaos from socks started. 🧦

• Sophie •

1. I am 19 years old.

2. I don’t own a single grey T-Shirt (only one grey pullover). 👕

3. As a child I used to be afraid of Willy Wodka, escalators and water slides.

4. I don’t like to eat brussle sproutes and artischoces.

5. My favourite food ist Risotto even though Pita comes very close to it. 🍴

If you see us feel free to talk to us. We would like to also get to know you 😊