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Today is International Youth Day

International Youth Day, which has been celebrated since 1985, emphasizes youth as an important category of society that needs to build a better world based on peace and tolerance. Guidelines for further planning and appropriate monitoring in the youth field have been approved. The guidelines are significant in that they focus on young people as a broad category encompassing different subgroups rather than a single demographic entity.

-In December 2009, the United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution 64/134 declaring the year beginning on 12 August 2010 the International Year of Youth.

-Security Council Resolution 2250 on Youth, Peace and Security represents an unprecedented recognition of the urgent need to involve young peacebuilders in promoting peace and combating extremism and clearly identifies young people as important partners in global efforts.

On this day, what can be said about this topic when it comes to Bosnia and Herzegovina or Jajce specifically?

We must help young people faced with nationalism, nepotism and injustice to overcome the obstacles that have been erected so that they do not lose hope of remaining and living in their native Bosnia and Herzegovina. If we do not want this wonderful country tomorrow to be a piece of land of old and helpless people waiting for their end, but a country full of life in which youth and beauty flourish and grow, it is time to be a support to new generations in creating equality, togetherness and tolerant society. to whom a bright future is possible for every man.