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Invitation for participants to the project “Stronger together: Youth voices for a more resilient BiH”

The Jajce Center for Education and Gathering, with the support of the Heinrich Böll Foundation, invites young people from the Central Bosnia Canton (SBK) to apply for a four-month training program called ” Stronger together: Youth voices for a more resilient BiH “.

The goal of the program is to create a synergy of youth activists and members of youth branches of political parties in order to create new policies based on the proposals of socially active young people.

The program includes three components:

1. One-day seminar on youth leadership, political participation and strengthening interethnic cooperation among young people (online, end of June)

2. Three-day seminar in Jajce on the topic of empowerment of young people and women, political activism, and the basics of writing a policy paper (hotel in Jajce, end of July)

3. Joint development of policy papers (online, from mid-July to mid-August).

It is planned that the participants will write a joint policy paper by the end of the program, a document that will serve as a kind of set of proposals and recommendations for solving burning social problems from a youth perspective. The policy paper will be addressed to decision makers at the municipal and cantonal levels in the KSF.

Participants will be mentored throughout the program by experienced trainers with many years of experience working in the NGO sector, strengthening the capacity of government institutions and writing policy documents.

Prerequisite for participation in the seminar in Jajce is attendance at a one-day online seminar. Participants who will attend during the sweep of the program component will be awarded a certificate of completion of the professional development program.

The organizer takes over all the costs of transport, accommodation and meals during the seminar in Jajce. The online platforms ZOOM and Google Classroom will be used for a one-day online seminar and joint development of policy papers.

If you are between 18 and 30 years old, have registered residence in one of the municipalities in SBK, and are active in the non-governmental sector or are a member of the youth branch of a political party, we encourage you to apply via this link.