COD Jajce is an organization that connects young people from Bosnia and Herzegovina and EU for many years now.

International sector of COD is specific by the fact that it’s working on a national level and it gives young people an opportunity to join the work of the organization.

Through many international projects in cooperation with organizations across Europe young people from Bosnia and Herzegovina have an opportunity to have a long-term volunteer service through which they gain priceless experiences (new language, project management, protecting the environment, working with children etc.)

Also, when speaking of international volunteer engagement, “COD” is a host offering the international volunteers the opportunity to have a try at being leaders or assistents in a rich program offer which are regularly performed in our organization.

Over the past years of work we’ve made numerous partners from different parts of Europe with who we’ve successfully implemented hundreds of projects. Those cooperations have made our name popular on many international addresses.

Our most loyal partner and friend for many years has been German organization “FriedensKreis Halle” with who we’ve implemented many different projects. Together we’re a part of German volunteer program named “WeltWearts” since 2009. Through this project we’ve successfully hosted 10 young German volunteers and for the past 4 years we successfully send volunteers form Bosnia and Herzegovina on one-year volunteer service in Germany.

European Volunteer Service – EVS (known by its current name European Solidarity Corps) is the best known part of European commission project for Europe (former program “Youth in action” and current Erasmus+). As a licenced organization of this program we got an oppurtunity to send our volunteers in different countries of Europe, as well as accept volunteers from other countries. During existance of international sector we’ve sent and accepted over 50 young volunteers from many European countries (BiH, Germany, Netherlands, Lithuania, Poland, Italy, France, Slovenia, Spain, Portugal).

Through Erasmus+ we got an opportunity to implement many international meetings that are commonly the first step to participating on other long-term projects.

During 2017. and 2018. international sector has accomplished with its partners 6 big international meetings that have gathered 12 European countries and 150 participants.

With this program in 2017. we’ve successfully accomplished German-Bosnian youth meetings that had been supported by German foundation “Errinerung, Verantwortung und Zukunft” (EVZ for short)

The biggest work motivation of international sector is giving oppurtunity to young people to build their identity through stay and travel to different countries, to improve new skills and knowledge and try working on social projects across Europe.