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COD Jajce/Youth camp in Jajce: Tears at parting spoke louder than words

At the beginning of the month, from September 1 to 4, 2022, to be precise. we had the honor of organizing another camp where young people from the Federation of BiH and Republika Srpska came together. Through educational-creative and sports workshops, the young people of Jajca, Mrkonjić Grad and Donji Vakuf had the opportunity to socialize, destroy prejudices, learn about everything that connects us and makes us stronger, and that the diversity in which we live is an advantage of life, and not a problem as some politicians they want to present to new generations.

This time the camp was located in the bungalows of the “Plivsko jezero” car camp, where they had space for dining, gathering and socializing, and sports fields where they had tournaments designed by the coaches of Jajce, Mrkonjić Grad and Donje Vakuf, and creative activities with the group COD team Samir Agić and Samir Beharić took over.

The participants especially enjoyed the educational and creative part. Interesting workshops for groups that took place in the premises of the Cultural Center were designed by professors Amela Kavazbašić and Josipa Bogić, while part of the workshops led by professors Josipa Kulenović and Elma Lužić Majdanac were held in the premises of the camp. On this occasion, the children discussed the advantages and disadvantages of social networks, the pitfalls that are hidden in them, and the importance of media literacy and checking the media content that is served to us.

According to the participants of the camp, they especially enjoyed hanging out with Nikolas Rimac, one of the participants in the fight against the segregation of secondary schools. On this occasion, Nikolas talked about the importance of living together, the value of freedom and free expression, the importance of thinking “outside the box” and the fight against stereotypes that society imposes on us. Nikolas also talked about his experience from high school when he bravely stood side by side with his friends in defense of joint education for all young people in Jajce.

In addition to the workshops, the camp participants also enjoyed a tour of the city through a game, a boat ride on the swimming lake, and delicious bites of Kinder pancakes baked just for them by Haris Zjajo.

The streams of tears due to the mutual parting at the end of the camp spoke for the successful implementation of the project, the friendships made and some new loves.

Our strength and future lies precisely in these young, uncorrupted, smart people. Let’s fight for them and let’s not allow that because of our lethargy and lack of interest, they have to look for their better tomorrow outside the borders of BiH, because lonely and desolate will not be worth to anyone.

The camp was supported by the US Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina.