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Who are we

“Education and Social Center” (shortened “COD”) is a non-governmental, non-political, non-religious and multiethnic youth organization. The basic mission of the organization is the promotion, support and work of children and youth in the local community. In our organization we have 6 engaged local associates (manager, administrator, coordinator of international projects, project manager Jajce Press, Jajce Press project assignment, two program managers), 4 program moderators and 2 or more international volunteers during the year.

Weekly our programs are visited by about 60 people. Our staff is composed of persons of different ages, gender, ethnic and religious affiliation, which shows that diversity in our society contributes to better interpersonal understanding and cooperation.

“COD” organizes various seminars, workshops, multi-day schools, courses for children and youth, creates clubs and sections for the purpose of better and more engaging young people in life and social flows. The center is open every working day (Monday-Friday) from 9.oo to 15.oo and from 17.oo to 2o.oo hours. The premises of the center are located in Jajce, Kralja Tvrtka 5/1 and Bare.

So far, the Education and Social Center has organized and offers:

  • courses (computer, guitar, linguistic),
  • clubs (computer, internet, table tennis, brakedances, debates),
  • sections (football, basketball, volleyball, dance, musical, photographic, visual, journalistic),
  • workshops (children’s, journalistic, computer, music),
  • professional education (seminars, workshops, work camps, meetings),
  • special programs (manifestation on a small lake, concerts of serious and entertaining music, theater
  • performances, excursions, barbecues, tournaments, environmental cleaning campaigns, round tables),
  • projects (local newspaper Senzor, youth tourism Jajce, international youth meetings and volunteer services).