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A series of expert workshops were held within the framework of the BIHUB II program

In order to empower the participants of the BIHUB II training and incubation program in the field of women’s green and sustainable entrepreneurship, workshops were held in which the participants gained a basic understanding of registration, financial management, tax obligations and accounting reports.

During the first workshop moderated by Faruk Mecavica “Legal aspect of business registration”, the participants were informed about the legal framework of business registration, registration conditions, definitions of trades, advantages of trades registration compared to other legal entities.

The next workshop “Fundamentals of financial management and financial reports” provided the participants with an insight into the positive and negative aspects of financial management, as well as external factors that can positively influence financial management. Also, external influences that can have a negative impact on the business, together with the key parameters of the business, are highlighted. Moderator Elvira Omerinović,, also informed the participants about the key elements of financial reports, emphasizing what each financial report should contain, as well as emphasizing the importance of financial planning.

The workshop “Tax obligations and accounting reports” was led by Irena Lukić Ljubičić, B.Sc. economist. She successfully transferred her rich experience and acquired knowledge to the participants of the workshop, providing them with an insight into their tax obligations towards the state, as well as the state’s obligations towards them, such as tax refunds and other benefits. The training segment on accounting reports aroused the special interest of the participants, since they pointed out that they did not have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with important accounting concepts, categories, rules and principles.

We hope that the knowledge gained within the BIHUB II training and incubation program, focused on women’s green and sustainable entrepreneurship, will be used by our candidates to become successful entrepreneurs. The BIHUB II training program is implemented by the Jajce Center for Education and Socialization through the Business Center project, within the framework of partnership cooperation with the non-governmental organization Cultural and Educational Society PiNA from Slovenia.